S8 Ep08: Technology, Data, and Visualisation

With special guest: Dr Peter Tierney

In this episode, I chat with Dr Peter Tierney. Currently working as a Senior Research Scientist at Lululemon Product Innovation (Advanced Concepts).

Previously Peter spent 8 years working in high-performance sports in football/soccer (The English FA), rugby union (Leinster Rugby), and swimming (UCD elite team) as a hybrid Performance Coach & Sports Scientist. He also has experience with Gaelic football & hurling, amateur rugby union, and schools level rugby and hockey. His experience spans male and female athletes across a wide age range with experience in sports science, strength & conditioning, sports performance, health and wellness, and athletic performance development. Peter is interested in the application of wearables to monitor health and performance in people, athletes, and teams are a strong interest of his.

Peter completed his PhD titled: “Novel insights into understanding performance in professional rugby union: an applied sports science approach” alongside his full-time work in Leinster & The FA. His MSc in Research, completed alongside working full time with Leinster Rugby, explored the “Application of GPS technology in professional rugby union”.

To support and supplement his roles and interests in health and performance, Peter has completed a ProfDip in Data Analytics & Statistics to help him better translate and visualise the performance, strength and conditioning data. Peter’s BSc Health & Performance Science final year thesis examined the effect of caffeinated chewing gum on repeated sprint ability in team sport athletes.

Connect with Peter:

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