Combat Sport Series Ep03: UFC Performance Institute

With special guest: Dean Amasinger, Technical Director of the UFC Performance Institute

In this episode of the Combat Sports Series, I am joined by Dean Amasinger, Technical Director of the UFC Performance Institute in Shanghai China.

Dean joins us today via a lockdown in Shanghai where he has chosen to stay lockdown within the Performance Institute. Dean is a former MMA fighter who competed in The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) with Team UK and returned as a coach in Team UK vs Team Australia.

I had a lot of fun talking to Dean about his former training partners such as Michael Bisping, Dan Hardy, Paul Daley and many more. Dean also shared some insights from his time in the TUF house. Mainly Dean and I discussed the aspects of fighter development, skill acquisition, strength & conditioning, crossover from rugby to wrestling and to MMA and how to identify the archetype of a UFC competitor.

This was a great conversation and a must listen to those interested in combat sports, however, there are some great crossover points here for anyone looking for self-development or improvement. Access our combat sports study here for your free sleep and nutrition report.

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