The Sleep4Performance

20/21 June 2022

hosted by Dr Ian C Dunican

To support the ever-growing discipline of sleep and performance, we are again hosting the Sleep4Performance Seminar. The seminar will showcase the emerging scientific work of sleep and related fields of research that cross multiple disciplines. This seminar is FREE for all. We are now inviting abstracts from anyone and everyone, and registration is open for attendees.

How you can get involved:


We invite abstracts from everyone, from honours students to full professors, medical practitioners, industry leaders, and health and safety practitioners. It doesn’t have to be a research experiment. Case studies, opinions, reviews, expert comments – all abstracts are welcome. We are particularly interested in research that crosses multiple disciplines. An expert panel will select the top 12 presentations, which will then be invited to speak.

Abstract submissions are now closed.


Register now to attend sessions online. There will be four one-hour symposium sessions to cater for different time zones.

The Details:

Speaker Prizes:

Presentations will be viewed and scored by an independent reviewing panel of industry experts, with the top voted presentation from each session winning a cash prize of AUD500. 


Three cash prizes were awarded to top voted speakers:


Around the world in 16 days: The effect of long-distance transmeridian travel on the sleep habits and behaviours of a professional Super Rugby team


Bright light during wakefulness improves objective and subjective sleep quality: a forced desynchrony study


The Effect of Sleep Restriction on Cognitive Performance in Elite Cognitive Performers: A Systematic Review

Session 1

Mon 20 Jun 4pm USA PDT
Mon 20 Jun 7pm USA EDT
Tue 21 Jun 12am UK BST
Tue 21 Jun 1am CEST
Tue 21 Jun 1am SA SAST
Tue 21 Jun 4.30am IST
Tue 21 Jun 7am AWST
Tue 21 Jun 9am AEST
Tue 21 Jun 11am NZST

Session 2

Mon 20 Jun 9pm USA PDT
Tue 21 Jun Aug 12am USA EDT
Tue 21 Jun 5am UK BST
Tue 21 Jun 6am CEST
Tue 21 Jun 6am SA SAST
Tue 21 Jun 9.30am IST
Tue 21 Jun 12pm AWST
Tue 21 Jun 2pm AEST
Tue 21 Jun 4pm NZST

Session 3

Tue 21 Jun 1am USA PDT
Tue 21 Jun 4am USA EDT
Tue 21 Jun 9am UK BST
Tue 21 Jun 10am CEST
Tue 21 Jun 10am SA SAST
Tue 21 Jun 1.30pm IST
Tue 21 Jun 4pm AWST
Tue 21 Jun 6pm AEST
Tue 21 Jun 8pm NZST

Session 4

Tue 21 Jun Aug 4am USA PDT
Tue 21 Jun 7am USA EDT
Tue 21 Jun 12pm UK BST
Tue 21 Jun 1pm CEST
Tue 21 Jun 1pm SA SAST
Tue 21 Jun 4.30pm IST
Tue 21 Jun 7pm AWST
Tue 21 Jun 9pm AEST
Tue 21 Jun 11pm NZST


This event is hosted by Sleep4Performance and sponsored by: