S9 Ep4: Educating Psychologists in the Management of Insomnia

With special guest: Dr Hailey Meaklim

A returning guest, Hailey is a psychologist and research scientist internationally certified in behavioural sleep medicine. She practices clinically at St Vincent’s Hospital Sleep Centre in Melbourne, predominantly working with clients experiencing insomnia. She is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne. She has completed her PhD at Monash University with Dr Melinda Jackson. Her PhD focuses on advancing healthcare providers’ training in evidence-based insomnia treatments.

For this project, she won the Innovation in Behavioral Sleep Medicine Advocacy award from the U.S. Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine and the New Investigator Award from the Australasian Sleep Association 2023. Hailey has worked in various research and clinical settings, including Melbourne Sleep Disorders Centre with Dr David Cunnington and Dr Moira Junge, The Institute for Breathing and Sleep at Austin Health, and Monash University’s Project REST with Professor Sean Drummond.

Hailey is an active member of the Australasian Sleep Association. She co-chaired the Insomnia and Sleep Health Council for five years. She established the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Online Community of Practice for sleep clinicians to stay connected and up to date with behavioural sleep medicine treatments. She now serves on the Behavioural Management of Sleep Disorders Education Sub-Committee, working to enhance sleep education for psychologists. She is actively involved in the U.S. Society for Behavioral Sleep Medicine (SBSM), serving as a past student member of their Accreditation Committee and helping to organise an Australia/New Zealand special conference session in 2021.

In this episode, we discuss Hailey’s PhD work and in particular, her work “Development of a Novel Behavioral Sleep Medicine Education Workshop Designed to Increase Trainee Psychologists’ Knowledge and Skills in Insomnia Management.”

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