S8 Ep11: Personalised Sleep–Wake Management for Shift Workers

With special guest: Dr Jade Murray

In this episode, I am joined by Dr Jade Murray. Dr. Jade M. Murray completed a PhD programme at the Monash University Sleep and Circadian Medicine Laboratory in 2018. Dr Murray’s broad research interests include studying the effects of circadian misalignment on overall health in healthy and sleep-disordered populations and developing simplified methods for determining the timing of the circadian phase. An important innovation in her work has been tracking light-dark exposure data over time to build predictive models of circadian timing for the development of personalised delivery systems for sleep-wake interventions.

In this episode, we discuss Jade’s recent paper “Murray JM, Magee M, Giliberto ES, Booker LA, Tucker AJ, Galaska B, Sibenaller SM, Baer SA, Postnova S, Sondag TAC, Phillips AJK, Sletten TL, Howard ME, Rajaratnam SMW. Mobile app for personalized sleep-wake management for shift workers: A user testing trial. Digit Health. 2023 Mar 29“. Read it here. 

Connect with Jade:

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