S7 Ep1: Medical Cannabis and the Benefit to Insomnia

With special guest: Dr Jen Walsh

In this episode of the Sleep4Peformance Podcast, I speak with Dr Jen Walsh. Jen and I have previously collaborated at the Centre for Sleep Science at the University of Western Australia.

I sat down with Jen to discuss their recent publication on treating insomnia with medical cannabis. This was a great conversation and you can read the full paper for free here.

References: Jennifer H Walsh, Kathleen J Maddison, Tim Rankin, Kevin Murray, Nigel McArdle, Melissa J Ree, David R Hillman, Peter R Eastwood, Treating insomnia symptoms with medicinal cannabis: a randomized, crossover trial of the efficacy of a cannabinoid medicine compared with placebo, Sleep, Volume 44, Issue 11, November 2021, zsab149, https://doi.org/10.1093/sleep/zsab149