Animal Sleep Series Ep02: Sleep Loss and Sandpiper Birds

With special guest: Dr. Anne Aulsebrook

In this episode, I talk with my new friend Dr. Anne Aulsebrook. We continue our journey on learning about birds and sleep and discuss many fascinating topics. The peculiar mating practices and attraction with sleep loss in sandpiper birds

Dr. Anne Aulsebrook is a behavioral ecologist interested in activity patterns and sleep. During her PhD, she investigated the effects of urban light pollution on sleep in birds. More recently, she has become interested in the behaviour of shorebirds that breed under constant daylight in the arctic. Previous research has shown substantial diversity in the activity patterns of these birds. Intriguingly, male pectoral sandpipers have the least sleep also have the greatest reproductive success. How do males attract females when they have had hardly any sleep? How does activity relate to reproductive success in other shorebirds, with different mating systems? To what extent can male shorebirds change their activity in different social contexts? These are some of the questions that she is exploring during her postdoctoral fellowship.

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