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By: Dr Ian C Dunican, Chief Adviser Sleep4Performance

As restrictions are easing concerning the Covid-19 situation, we at Sleep4Performance hope you are all doing well and have not been impacted too severely. As many businesses are starting back up and the future is beginning to look a little brighter, we are engaging with our clients to recommence and reinvigorate projects and support clients with new challenges. This is an excellent time to let you all know the expertise that Sleep4Performance and Associates can offer in the disciplines of occupational health, safety and business performance. These include:

  • Occupational health and safety training online or face to face (Fitness for Work, Fatigue Management, Mental Health)
  • Occupational health assessments (Online individual assessments to assess health, wellbeing, sleep disorders and mental health)
  • Health and safety diagnostic/s (Remote desktop diagnostic and/or in-field verification)
  • Shift and roster design (Scientific approach to the assessment of rosters using biomathematical modelling)
  • Facilitation of Team-Based Risk Assessments (For all areas of health, safety and business performance)
  • Health and safety technology support (Selection, evaluation, and deployment)
  • Change management support and project management (Occupational health, safety, and business performance)
  • Research and data support (Data analytics, visualisation, and statistical analysis)
  • Development of position papers, white papers, or literature reviews (All areas of occupational health and safety, our consultants are PhD or MD qualified)
  • Occupational health and safety strategy and annual planning advice and support (Business priorities based on data, minimise cost and maximise value)
  • Non-contact assessment of health concerns and disorders (sleep disorders, exercise physiology and nutrition)

To support businesses, we are applying a discount rate of 15%-25%.

If you would like to schedule a call to discuss potential support, please contact ian.dunican@sleep4performance.com or call us on 0409 680 867.


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