Sleep4Performance; Finalists in the Work Health and Safety Excellence Award


Sleep4Performance and AngloGold Ashanti Australia (AGAA) were recently recognised as a finalist in the Work Health and Safety Excellence Awards for the collaboration – Improving health, safety and productivity outcomes through identifying and supporting individuals with sleep disorders.

An initiative of the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS), these annual awards recognise outstanding solutions and innovations to workplace health and safety in Western Australia. Sleep4Performance and AGAA were among seven finalists in the category “Best solution to a work health and safety risk”. Our Sleep Disorders Screening Program at AGAA’s Tropicana Gold Mine (TGM), provides a solution to identify, screen, and treat individuals with potential sleep disorders, that may result in a fatigue-incidents due to reduced alertness, slower reaction times and an inability to concentrate.

Tropicana Gold Mine is a fly-in, fly-out operation in Western Australia. The site operates on a 24/7, 365-days a year basis. Shiftwork is therefore inherent to the business, making fatigue a risk to be managed. The Sleep Disorders Screening Program was initiated following a baseline fatigue study that identified 60% of the study participants were not achieving the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep per night, and a high number of Cat® Driver Safety System (DSS) fatigue alarms were being activated in haul trucks.

Sleep4Performance worked with key stakeholders; TGM and its alliance mining contractor Macmahon Holdings LTD to develop the Sleep Disorders Screening Program that is delivered onsite, reducing the need for individuals identified to take time off work and travel to Perth for screening. Since the inception of the program, there has been a 51% reduction in fatigue events/alarms with haul truck drivers. Individuals diagnosed with a clinical sleep disorder have been assigned to TGM’s injury management process are being supported to return to work, fit for work.

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