Special Episode: Swimming the English Channel

With special guest: Cyrus Milne

In the special episode of Sleep4Performance radio, we welcome 17-year-old Cyrus Milne.

Having previously completed the 36 km English Channel Swim in a 4-person team, along with numerous solo events such as the Rottnest Channel Swim (20km swim) and the Port to Pub (25km swim). Cyrus has his sights set on completing a solo crossing of the English Channel in August 2020.

In this podcast, joined by his mother Kelly, we discuss Cyrus swimming achievements, training, getting through solo swims, jellyfish, sharks, planning, preparation and expenses.

You can support Cyrus in his endeavour in several ways. For example, if you wish to promote your business, Cyrus will add your logo to his website and on his support boat banner during his crossing. Get in contact with us on email to discover all options to support Cyrus. In addition, Cyrus will be raising money for the Epilepsy WA foundation.