S2 Ep 007: Shiftwork, Diet and Nutrition for Performance

With special guest: A/Prof Siobhan Banks

Associate Professor Siobhan Banks is Co-Director of the Behaviour-Brain-Body Research Centre at the University of South Australia.

About Siobhan

Siobhan Banks received her Ph.D. from Flinders University of South Australia in 2004 and undertook a post-doctoral fellowship at the University Of Pennsylvania before joining the faculty in the School of Medicine as a Research Assistant Professor in 2006. In 2009 she returned to Australia with a Fellowship for Women in Science from the University of South Australia. Banks’ current research sits at the nexus of biology (fatigue and circadian rhythms), behaviour (individual and team performance) and technology (human centre design).

Her research focuses on the impact of sleep deprivation and shift work on psychological and physiological functioning and how countermeasures may be used to prevent the deleterious effects of disturbed sleep, in particular novel technologies, dietary interventions, napping and caffeine. She has expertise in the objective measurement of fatigue and with designing tools and protocols to investigate the biological and behavioural responses to sleep deprivation, irregular work hours and stress.

Her research has been funded by a range of government and industry sources including NHMRC, NIH, The US Air Force Office of Scientific Research, NASA National Space and Biomedical Research Institute, Beyond Blue, SA Department of Health and Aging and DST-Group. She has received over $6M in research funding during her career, ranging from basic to applied research. This work has been cited over 4000 times (GoogleScholar). Banks is on the editorial board of the specialty journal SLEEP, has been awarded a South Australian Young Tall Poppy Science Award (2010) and the Sleep Research Society Young Investigator Award (2011) and she also serves on the Sleep Health Foundation Board of Directors.

Contact Siobhan
Email: Siobhan.Banks@unisa.edu.au
Twitter: @DrSiobhanBanks
LinkdedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/siobhan-banks-64419419/