S5 Ep05: Pediatric Sleep and Insomnia

With special guest: Professor Michael Gradisar

In this episode, Michael and I discuss insomnia, chronobiology, performance and pediatric sleep.

Michael’s overview in his own words…..

My working week consists of being a sleep scientist, a sleep psychologist, teaching Masters and PhD students, and running postgraduate degrees in clinical psychology – oh, and running a start-up on the side …
I’ve grown from a lone clinical psychologist starting up my own sleep clinic in 2005, helping people and families 1-on-1 to improve their sleep. Now, I lead a team of postdoc researchers, PhD and Masters students, and psychologists, and a sleep clinic that is attracting worldwide recognition. This has allowed me to invent novel evidence-based sleep treatments applicable across the lifespan. But I’m not completely satisfied with the slow pace of helping people 1-on-1. My techniques have expanded to group settings, and to schools. The first self-help book is complete (parents of school-aged children), and the first app for babies’ sleep is on its way. But the pace is still too slow for the ideas I generate and many institutions to ill-equipped to turn ideas into valuable products. Thus, WINK Sleep Online was born –https://winksleep.online

Find Michael at https://researchnow.flinders.edu.au/en/persons/michael-gradisar-2

Or at LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-gradisar-ba2184b6/