S5 Ep 08: Peak Alert

With special guest: Dr Adam Fletcher

We welcome back Dr Adam Fletcher. Adam is an international researcher and consultant. He is best known for applying sleep, fatigue, and performance sciences in workplace settings. His research Ph.D., completed in 1999, investigated the measurement and prediction of human performance in higher-risk work environments. Adam has held research roles with the US Army (Walter Reed Army Institute of Research), and the Universities of Adelaide and South Australia.

Adam’s previous episode on the podcast can be found here.

In this episode, we discuss two applications offered by Adam.

FatigueSafe App helps you to quickly evaluate your personal fatigue levels. It can be used for work or personal purposes and considers factors such as your current fatigue state as well as your recent sleep quantity & quality, physical & mental signs of fatigue, and more. FREE via this link https://www.integratedsafety.com.au/fatiguesafe-app/ available on both the App Store on iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android.

PeakAlert is a revolutionary App that uses an AI-powered algorithm licensed from the US Department of Defense. It tracks and predicts performance, sleep, and other crucial personal factors. The App uses your objective performance, sleep, and other data to create a custom algorithm to support peak alertness whenever you need it. PeakAlert allows you to integrate with most smartphone health and sleep trackers to help provide you with more accurate sleep and alertness data. PeakAlert is being developed to automatically use permission data from the iOS/Apple HealthKit and Android Google Fit. Functionality is also being built to allow you to push data from PeakAlert to other apps/platforms based on your user preferences. Download here for your free month and pay only $5 for the year after that https://www.integratedsafety.com.au/peakalert-app/ available on both the App Store on iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android.