S5 Ep 06: The Sonny Brown Breakdown

With special guest: Sonny Brown

Its time to break it down with the MAN…the Myth ….The legend….the one and only Sonny Brown

Sonny started training martial arts seriously in 2007, beginning with Shoot Fighting, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling all at the same time at Langes MMA in Sydney. Sonny was able to be victorious in 3 MMA title bouts becoming a 3 time Australian Mixed Martial Arts Champion in the lightweight division beating standouts Dan Hooker and Damien Brown.

And he had one MMA victory via Gogoplata choke and at this stage am still the only person in Australia to do so which puts him in the company of Nick Diaz. He was awarded a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt in 2017 by my coach, 4th Degree Black Belt Anthony Lange and has continued to train, teach and still compete in grappling competitions. I also had a renewed interest in American Folkstyle wrestling.

His breakdowns and technical analysis videos have had high praise from Randy Couture, Matt Lindland, Karo Parisyan, Phil Davis and the coach of the Granby High wrestling school to name a few. In 2019, he started “The Sonny Brown Breakdown” podcast to have discussions on the training, teaching, health and education of mixed martial arts. Check out everything Sonny Brown related at https://www.sonnybrown.net/ and his fight record at https://www.tapology.com/fightcenter/fighters/21661-sonny-brown