S4 Ep 04: Sleep and Circadian Rhythm Dysfunction in Human Ischaemic Stroke

With special guest: Elie Gottlieb

In this episode of S4P Radio, we welcome Elie Gottlieb.

Elie is a final-year neuroscience PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne and Florey Institute of Neuroscience & Mental Health with a passion for clinical sleep and circadian rhythm research. Elie’s PhD examines the pathogenesis of post-stroke sleep architectural and circadian rhythm dysfunction using MRI, polysomnography, and melatonin assay.

Additionally, Elie was a recipient of the Melbourne Research Scholarship working within Professor Amy Brodtmann’s clinical cognitive neuroscience and vascular neurodegeneration laboratory.

You can get in touch with Elie via twitter @ElieGottlieb

Or via his email elie.gottlieb@florey.edu.au