S3 Ep011: The Sleep Physician

With special guest: Dr David Cunnington

Dr David Cunnington is a specialist sleep physician delivering healthcare to individuals with complex sleep problems and promoting sleep health through education. He is the co-director of Melbourne Sleep Disorders Centre, a multi-disciplinary sleep clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

David undertook training in sleep medicine both in Australia and in Boston at Harvard Medical School. In addition to training in sleep medicine, David has international qualifications in behavioural sleep medicine, using non-drug treatments to manage sleep. David regularly appears in print, radio and TV media as an expert commentator on sleep.

In this episode, we discuss David’s inspirations, studies and international work, along with current research, new technologies and future advancements in the measurement of sleep. You can check out SleepHub, where David and his partner Kris provide information on all things sleep including; trending topics, tools and tips, the Sleep Talk Podcast and much more!

Follow David on Facebook and Instagram @drdavidcunnington and Twitter @davidcunnington, or go to his website drdavidcunnington.com.au