S2 Ep 006: Sleep and Mindfulness

With special guest: Dr Melissa J Ree, Clinical Psychologist, BSc (Hons) MPsych (Clinical) PhD

Melissa’s main specialty is in the psychological management of adults with Insomnia and sleep difficulties. Melissa also works with many patients who are struggling with anxiety problems, low mood, and low self-esteem.

“Generally, my approach to psychological treatment is ‘here and now’ focussed, although past issues will be discussed when appropriate. I use evidence-based treatments such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).”

About Melissa

Melissa completed a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and a Ph.D. with distinction at University of Western Australia in 2001.  After her Ph.D. Melissa worked at the University of Oxford as aPostdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Psychiatry. During this time, I worked on a treatment trial of Cognitive Therapy for Chronic Insomnia. Since returning to Perth Melissa has continued to be active in treatment, training, and research into psychological aspects of insomnia, anxiety, and depression and has published a number of papers on the subject and has written two treatment protocols for Insomnia. You can see her publications here on Research Gate

Melissa works in both clinical and research roles at private psychiatric hospitals in Perth and has been in private practice since 2004.

In this episode we discuss;

  • Introduction and background
  • What is mindfulness? Is this just a waste of time? Is it a specific religion?
  • What is the difference between mindfulness and meditation?
  • Is this all related to stoic philosophy, Taoism and Buddhism?
  • What are the benefits of meditation and mindfulness? During the day and for sleep?
  • Do you recommend any western gurus to listen to?
  • Are apps or downloads any good to help guide you? If so, which ones do you recommend?
  • What is your favourite mindfulness/meditation book that you would recommend people read?
  • What book are you currently reading?

Contact Melissa at

Sleep Matters https://www.sleepmattersperth.com

Jeffery & Ree Clinical Physiologists https://www.jrpsych.com.au

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