S1 Ep 019: Sleep interventions for athletes

With special guest: Daniel Bonnar, Clinical Psychologist

Daniel Bonnar is a clinical psychologist and Masters graduate of the world class insomnia research group at Flinders University, South Australia. He currently works as a clinical psychologist treating children, adolescents and adults with sleep disorders at Jeffery and Ree Clinical Psychologists – Sleep Matters. He is a published researcher associated with Flinders University and has worked on international collaborations and been invited to peer review papers for scientific journals. The focus of his research over the last few years has been in the area of sleep and athletic performance.

Peer reviewed journal publications

  • Bonnar D, Bartel K, Kakoschke N, & Lang C. (2017). Sleep interventions designed to improve athletic performance and recovery: A systematic review of current approaches. Sports Medicine, 48(3), 683-703.
  • Bonnar D, & Gradisar M. (2015). Caffeine and sleep in adolescents: A systematic review. Journal of Caffeine Research, 5(3), 105-114.
  • Bonnar D, Gradisar M, Moseley L, Coughlin AM, Cain N, & Short MA. (2015). Evaluation of novel school-based interventions for adolescent sleep problems: Does parental involvement and bright light improve outcomes? Sleep Health, 1(1), 66 – 74.
  • Tlauka M, Donaldson P, & Bonnar D. (2015). Immediate and delayed recall of a small-scale spatial-array. Memory, 23(3), 420 – 426.

Conference Presentations

  • Cain, N., Bonnar, D., Moseley, L., Coughlin, A.M., Short, M. and Gradisar, M. (2014). Motivated to sleep in: A randomised controlled trial of motivational school-based sleep interventions for adolescents. 26th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian Sleep Association and Australasian Sleep Technologists Association. Oct 2014.
  • Bonnar, D., Gradisar, M., Moseley, L., Coughlin, A.M. and Cain, N. (2014). Evaluation of school-based sleep interventions: Does adjunct bright light therapy and parental involvement improve treatment outcomes? 22nd Congress of the European Sleep Research Society. Tallinn, Estonia. Sep 2014.


Psych.(Clin.) (Flinders Univ., 2014); B.Sc.(Hon.) (Flinders Univ., 2012).
Contact Details

Ph: 6267 6033 or E-mail: dkbonnar@hotmail.com