S1 Ep 014: Special Episode #3 BASES Webinar questions answered

With special guest: Ian Dunican, Director of Sleep4Performance

In this episode, I address listener queries from a recent Webinar I conducted for the British Association of Sport and Exercise Scientists.

  1. What are your favourite sleep supplements?
  2. Any previous research on how the amount of sleep can impact on YOUNG CHILDREN?
  3. Are short naps (30min) really the best way to recover or would you recommend longer napping time? Would it differ for match day?
  4. As a PT I often start early finish late is napping or one long sleep a week the same as regular 8 hrs?
  5. At what range of rest (hrs of sleep) is it deemed dangerous to train? (i.e high injury risk)
  6. Best strategies to promote sleep in soccer players when kick off is 8pm
  7. Can nutritional intake affect sleep?
  8. Can u clarify what you mean by ‘athlete’, and to what extent ur principles apply to non-professional athletes?
  9. Current gaps in research with regards to sleep and elite team sports athlete’s wellbeing.
  10. Does sleep requirement change or just the type of sleep during high-volume training periods? how is this best managed?
  11. How can we trust actigraphy data from a third party ie Fatigue science vs raw actigraphy data?
  12. How do you get more Slow Wave Sleep? What if after analyzing the sleep cycles that although asleep you stay in your light sleep
  13. How to deal with a jet lag
  14. I am interested in the sleep strategies employed for prolonged military excursions.