Abstract 12: Sleep and Weight Cutting in Combat Sports Athletes

By Ian Dunican

In our latest S4P Radio, Audio Abstract we review a new article published in the Journal of Exercise and Nutrition, entitled “The Effect of Water Loading for Acute Weight Loss Following Fluid Restriction on Sleep Quality and Quantity in Combat Sports Athletes”.

Combat sport athletes commonly engage in established and novel acute weight-loss strategies to achieve weight division targets. The effect of such practices on sleep is unknown.

Methods: Twenty-two combat sports athletes wore wrist actigraphy devices for nine nights during a training camp and completed questionnaires assessing daytime sleepiness, insomnia, sleep apnoea and chronotype. Athletes were assigned to a control (CG) or water loading group (WLG). Both followed a low residue diet for 96h, and restricted fluid for 24h before weigh-in. Prior to restriction, the CG consumed 40ml/kg and WLG consumed 100ml/kg fluid daily.

You can check out the full paper at this link!