Speaking Engagements and Education Sessions

Most suited for groups, gyms, clubs, or teams (Professional/amateur/hobbyist) that wish to understand sleep and how it supports physical and psychological repair and recovery to enable performance.

Objective: To provide information and education on the science of sleep, sleep disorders, chronobiology, factors affecting sleep such as shiftwork, caffeine, alcohol, drugs.

Rationale: Sleep education and information improves measures of sleep in athletic populations1, 2

Our Experience: Dr Ian Dunican has extensive experience in this area, completed such work in Swimming, Basketball, Super Rugby, and with the Australian Institute of Sport. He has conducted numerous seminars, education sessions in industries such as mining, rail, transport and at international conferences and courses. He has also been on ABC radio in Australia and has appeared on ABC television, Channel 7, 9 and 10 in Australia. He was a TEDx Perth speaker, watch his presentation below:

To achieve this objective, we

  • Develop specific educational material for your aims and objectives.
  • Identify activities and engagement strategies.
  • Workshop additional considerations and work through examples.
  • Present evidence-based data from research, practical application, and our experience.

Rates vary depending on time and aims. Prices start at $500 AUD/300 EURO/$365 USD for ten people for 1hr. Contact us to discuss customisation, rates, and availability.



Designed for the serious athlete who wants to go all in. The elite pack includes:


1. Greer L. Increasing Sleep Duration in Collegiate Athletes: A Behavioral Intervention Involving Sleep Education, Self-Tracking, Goal Setting, and Self-Reinforcement. 2016.
2. O’Donnell S, Driller MW. Sleep-hygiene Education improves Sleep Indices in Elite Female Athletes. Int J Exerc Sci. 2017;10(4):522-530.