Recovery and Performance Planning

Most suited for individual athletes or teams (Professional/amateur/hobbyist) in preparation for a competitive event or game or a playing season with multiple competitive events.

Objective: To design an athlete-specific performance plan to maximise recovery to enable performance during a training camp or a season.

Rationale: Athletes must balance training, strength and conditioning 1, recovery in addition to media, sponsor obligations, work, study, family and have a social life2. During the week leading up to a competitive event, game or a fight, athletes experience sleep disturbances and problems due to a range of factors3. These can detract and deplete the athlete4. We aim to maximise performance and gain the percentage gain on the opposition.

Our Experience: We have completed such work in Formula 1 for the week/s leading up to practice, qualifying and race day to gain a 20% improvement in alertness that required the inclusion of travel, media, team meetings and sponsor obligations. In MMA and BJJ (see YouTube video here) we have designed plans incorporating travel, jet lag, weight cutting, media, and training periods. In Super Rugby (see YouTube video here) and Basketball (see YouTube video here) to maximise recovery to enable next-day training and to maximise performance for training and strength and conditioning to achieve maximum alertness and performance.

To achieve this objective, we

  • Conduct the individual assessment and consultation
  • Design weekly and daily planning for teams and individual athletes.
  • Identify specific optimal training and recovery periods in preparation for competition.
  • Consider training load, training cycles and coaching strategy.
  • Provide remote sleep monitoring and continuous biofeedback.
  • Travel and jet lag planning design specifically for you to optimise performance.
  • Adaptation for training and competition time
  • Sleep environment optimisation
  • Integration of additional variables such as media, sponsor, and fan events
  • Consider weight management, hydration, altitude, and additional factors.

Minimum of 6 weeks. Pricing options available for groups (>5) teams or over a more extended period, please enquire.



Designed for the serious athlete who wants to go all in. The elite pack includes:

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