Consultation and Assessment

Most suited for individual athletes or teams (Professional/amateur/hobbyist) to understand their sleep, preferences, potential disorders, and problems to provide a baseline for improvements.

Objective: To quantify, assess and determine sleep habits, behaviours, and areas for improvement athlete.

Rationale: Athletes rarely achieve the 7-9hrs of sleep duration required as per the Sleep Health Foundation1,2 with 50%–78% of elite athletes experience sleep disturbance resulting in daytime fatigue and sleepiness3. Despite being fit and healthy, over 30% of athletes may have a clinical sleep disorder or problem4, which may be exacerbated by caffeine, alcohol and other substances 5-7.

Our Experience: We have completed such work in Australian Rules Football, Formula 1, UFC athletes, BJJ athletes, Netball, Judo, Boxing, and Professional Basketball. In Super Rugby, we identified sleep disorders in 36% of athletes, when managed this led to an increase in sleep duration by 55 mins per night per athlete supporting the team’s best season performance in Super Rugby.

“Ian is a very intellectual professional who conducts himself at the highest level. Great interpersonal skills which made our dealings very smooth and efficient. His applied knowledge assisted in the development of our quality of sleep around sports performance and also integrating well-organised jet lag protocols to keep us on top of our game all year round”

Michael Italiano, Performance Coach to Daniel Ricciardo-F1 Driver

To achieve this objective, we conduct the following

  • A one on one consultation for 45 mins via ZOOM, recorded and provided to you for your reference.
  • Determine your sleep habits and behaviours.
  • Determine the potential prevalence of sleep problems and disorders.
  • Identify optimal scheduling, training, and recovery periods based on your data.
  • Review your use of alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine.
  • Review your lifestyle, work, and social factors
  • Identify supplements and nutrition for sleep.


Designed for the serious athlete who wants to go all in. The elite pack includes:

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