Clinical Assessment for Sleep Disorders

Most suited for individual athletes or teams (Professional/amateur/hobbyist) that have been identified as high risk for a sleep disorder after the Sleep4Performance Consultation or because of biofeedback during the Sleep4Performance Monitoring and Plan.

Objective: To identify the prevalence of a clinical sleep disorder according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine1 and identify treatment options to maximise athlete performance

Rationale: Sleep disorders can negatively affect performance, increase health risks, and reduce athlete longevity. Despite being fit and healthy athlete estimates of sleep-related breathing disorders range from 8-24%, movement disorders in up to 13% and insomnia up to 80% of athletes2.

Prerequisite: Consultation and Assessment

Our Experience: We have completed such work in Formula 1, Basketball, Super Rugby, BJJ and Ultra Running.

To achieve this objective, we

  • Conduct an overnight home-based assessment for >70 clinical sleep disorders using polysomnography (PSG).
  • Analyse the data with a sleep and performance scientist and a sleep physician.
  • Identify clinical sleep disorders to enable performance
  • Identify and provide treatment options
  • Safeguard and protect your long-term health and wellbeing.


Designed for the serious athlete who wants to go all in. The elite pack includes:

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  2. Dunican IC, Walsh J, Higgins CC, et al. prevalence of sleep disorders and sleep problems in an elite super rugby union team. Journal of sports sciences. 2019;37(8):950-957.